Student Spotlight: C. goes from a 1440 to a 1580 on the SAT!

sat score before tutoring sat score after tutoring

C. came to me after going through an intensive program with the Princeton Review. She had a starting score of 1410. After several thousand dollars spent and over 20 hours of classroom and tutoring time, her score increased….a total of 30 points to a 1440. Not exactly the improvement she and her parents were hoping for!

I met with C. and quickly saw how incredibly bright she was; she just needed to learn my techniques to fine-tune her approach to the exam. We met for a total of 6 hours of focused, individualized prep. She took the test in December 2019, and she was able to attain her dream score of 1580, including a perfect score of 800 on Verbal and a 780 on Math! She’s now opened the door to be able to attend just about any college she wants to, and she is likely going to qualify for merit-based scholarships as well.

Working with students like C. is always a pleasure for me because she didn’t need a lot of prep; she just needed the RIGHT prep. She got it, and now the sky’s the limit for her!