SAT & ACT Client Testimonials

Below are just a handful of recent unsolicited testimonials from past clients. Many of them would be happy to provide a reference for me as well if you’d like further information.

She was accepted at UCLA!!!!

She was accepted at UCLA!!!! She is over the moon with excitement and as of now I think this is where she wants to go. We are still waiting for Cal to release their decisions next Thursday. I wanted to thank you for the gigantic role you played in making this possible. You are a gift in our lives and we will be forever grateful for your talent in bringing out the best in our kids!


I am forever grateful to Jonathan!

Simply stated, the owner of Cardinal Academics, Jonathan walks on water. My son took the PSAT in 10th grade and got a 950 total on Math and English. To say I was worried that he would never get into college is an understatement. He then took the SAT in March of this year and scored 1370! He took the SAT one more time in August, and we just got the results today. His math score was 760, which means he only missed 2 questions! I am forever grateful to Jonathan for his ability to get this kind of performance out of my son.


I’m so grateful to you for helping me get in. So, thank you!

I just wanted to get in touch to let you know about my college news. I applied to eight schools and didn’t get rejected by a single one. I got into Amherst and Williams priority decision, so things turned out pretty well! I hope you know that a big part of those acceptances was my 35 ACT score, and I’m so grateful to you for helping me get in. So, thank you!


The truth is, you are money well spent!

Thank you for being so good at what you do. Our friend tried someone else and had a bad experience. She said she feels like she wasted a lot of time and money. She tried to do it on the cheap: the truth is, you are money well spent!


Jonathan is the man!

The best part is that Henry enjoys his time with you. I honestly thought that he was going to give me a hard time every week, but as he says “Jonathan is the man!”


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